Somare’s attack on the justice system is sinister

Papua New Guinea could be facing a Constitutional crisis as Prime Minister Michael Somare has launched a bitter attack on the Ombudsman Commision, questioned the integrity of the Chief Justice and issued a veiled threat to the police that he should not be investigated.

Somare’s is upset because two reports have been tabled in Parliament accusing him of wrong conduct over the clandestine escape of Julian Moti from police custody and the appointment of the Chairman of the Maritime Safety Authority.

Somare has described the Ombudsman Commission report in the Moti Affair as “stupid and disappointing” and has questioned the Commissions “integrity and objectivity”. He has also described the recommendation for a police investiagtion as “useless and futile”.

As Leader of the Opposition, Mekere Morauta has pointed out it is astonishing that Somare does not seem to understand the laws of PNG and the fact that he as Prime Minister is still subject to them. Morauta has described the PMs comments as “arrogant, shallow and improper” and accused Somare of a veiled threat to the Police Commissioner not to investgate him

This starts to reveal the truly sinister nature of the Prime Ministers reaction to the Ombudsman Commission report. If he has nothing to hide he would welcome a police investigation and  he would step aside temporarily while it is conducted. But he is clearly scared and believes he is above the law.

But even more worrying is the fact that the PM seems to have overlooked that the Moti investigation was headed by PNG’s chief judge – the Hounarable Chief Justice Gibbs Salika. It is the Chief Justice who penned the recommendation that the PM be investigated by the police and it is the Chief Justice who the Prime Minister is in effect calling “stupid and disappointing”.

If the Prime Minister has no confidence in the Chief Justice, no confidence in the Ombudsman Commission and believes he can intimidate the police not to investiage him then PNG is facing a Constitutional Crisis.

As commentator Paul Oates has said, “we now need to sort out who will defend PNG against those who seek to destroy the very fabric of our nation”.


7 Responses to “Somare’s attack on the justice system is sinister”

  1. Its a sad week in the history of this Nation. Like someone said in the Facebook post, such remarks and actions by the PM gives an impression there is something more rooted in this… gives one a impression… as to who was behind the drive by shooting of Chief Ombudsman is his home….

    PNG… we are destroyed by our very own….kind.

  2. Why are PNGeans so silent about this issues happening right in front of our noses, is it because we are ignorant, illiterate, dumb, no understanding or what?
    This is the biggest mistake a PM has ever made by attacking our justice system and thinks he is above the law?

    Why are all the 107 MPs accepting this blantant abuse of our justice processes and sitting idle?
    PNGeans. power is in our hands…lets get them out

  3. Like someone else mention in Facebook… even the police and army and CS and NIA and private security firms are hooked and connected.
    We can not do much, everytime a protest march is organized, the police will step and stop us from proceeding. What have we got here…? Guided Democracy?

  4. It is time for Papua New Guinean’s to wake up from their sleep and pay attention. If you are a believer in God in which the Constitution of this land has been founded on, I pray that you will get to your knees and pray for the judiciary as the judges decide on this very sinister attack on this nation. I for one still believe in the judiciary so pray that justice will prevail and righteousness will take it’s place.

  5. Responsibility for poor or non existent government services must rest with the responsible government. The regrettable position is that the head of the PNG government and his team will not accept responsibility for their actions and have effectively set the country on an undemocratic path with their treatment of the PNG Constitution and Parliament. That being so, the next step is to rule without Parliament, a course that seems inevitable if the PNG PM continues to govern without allowing the Constitutional and legal system of his country to operate properly.

    To function as a head of state without following the Constitution and the
    law is tantamount to dictatorship. Those that turn their back on history are
    doomed to repeat it.

    “Dealing with a dictatorship is like dealing with a snake. If you tread on
    its tail, it will bite you. You must deal with its head.” a quote from ‘The
    Second World War’ TV series where a German woman was explaining about her first hand experience with the German dictatorship during World War 2.

    and…speaking about the advent of the German dictatorship in the 20th
    Century, the initial steps were to gradually weaken the powers of Parliament and then to abolish it and the checks and balances altogether. Any opposition was then effectively eliminated and silenced.

    At every point throughout the build up of the German dictatorship, all it
    would have taken is for Germany’s people and neighbours to have demanded a stop to the process yet no one who had a voice made any statement of dissent. Public comment was suppressed to the point that people came to believe what they were told by the government controlled and intimidated media.

    I’m not suggesting that PNG and her PM is quite at this stage yet but unless the law is allowed to take its course, this is where it leads to.

    Remember, you don’t have to go too far from PNG to find a military
    dictatorship so it can and does happen very easily.

    • nono yet Says:

      A military dictatorship right now is as good as this ruling Government (snake). How can the ordinary people get behind those who claim to stand for what is right when it is us who voted them in, only to see them join and form this Government? This snake has infused its venom into our society, all the way to the grass roots level. Our melanasian way of sharing and caring for our extended families and communities has been targeted and utilised as an avenue for this poison to reach its farthest and still going. No offence to those who still hold and practice your melanasian values in its true and honest spirit

      It seems corruption is very well defined and settled within our Government and society and its here to stay. How can we reed corruption when:
      -the Snake Head Prime Minister is leading his peers in manipulating the judicial system so they dont get indicted. btw, congratulations to his advisors who are well versed with loop holes in the system and are not breaking the rules but ‘bending’ them.
      -amongst the politicians, you’re either in or out. And if you’re not in the government, you throw stones at it until you get a piece of whatever you’re missing out on by means of extra funds to build a road in your electorate so you can feel safe leading up to the next elections. And thats benefit to the people who unknowingly will vote you in again.
      -the PM can spend millions to capture a handful of escapees but he cant even allow a free investigation into his questionable dealings? Is the millions he is using to divert justice the same as the millions Kapris robbed from ordinary tax payers?

      We have read about all these corruption and allegations and I for one feel insignificant compared to the depth and reach of this corrupt government. What difference can I be against this colossal army. I may as well just read about and agree with all these posts and comments and go home, talk about it with some family and friends and do nothing about it until I read about it again as I know that my family and I are better off already so I got no onus to these read.

      Or I can join/affilliate with these new organisations (like Youth for Development that I know of) and encourage people from all walks of life who are fed up of this government and we can all express these views we write and read about as a non government organisation backed up by other organisations hell burnt on removing corruption. I know of these organisation starting well then collapse due to, guess what, CORRUPTION. But it would be satisfying to know ,and even more pleasing to say one day, that I was one of the millions of PNGeans who decided to stand up against corruption and we did reed most if not all of it. Most of us are keen to see people fail without lending that helping hand that would have carried them through. But those of us who are tired of corruption, as Papua New Guineans, should deal with this now, no matter our statures in society. Let us vote good, and those prominent in the fight against corruption, revolt against the governmtnt, stop our own corrupt dealings or do what ever we can, to at least have the dignity to say that I did stand up against CORRUPTION. And who said one man cant make a difference.

  6. MeriPapua Says:

    The PM needs to step down. There is a obvious conflict of interest and of course the PM is trying to quash the inquiry which we as tax paying Papua New Guineans have paid millions for, just like we have paid for the Department of Finance Inquiry. I’m sorry Mr. Prime Minister but our country is not your personal family business. You were voted into Parliament by your people to help, develop and guide the country into the twenty first century. All we have seen is you, your son and daughter rape and pillage our country for your own personal gain. Our country made you, not the other way around. As our Prime Minister and elected member of Parliament it is you first and foremost duty to provide adequate health facilities for all, why build a new multi million kina hospital when we cannot maintain our current General Hospital? Why give your ministers pay rises when you don’t turn up to parliamentary sessions to discuss the future of our country. Give pay rises to our teachers, doctors and nurses. Give drugs to the current Port Moresby General Hospital. Not everyone has access to the private jet or the purse strings to fly to Singapore for heart checks. Give our Universities and our future the much needed facelift, pay for better education and better educated Papua New Guineans to run this country and not cowboys that know nothing about fiscal and monetary ? We need genuine leaders like Mr. Pokap. Leaders with vision and give back to Papua New Guinea. I for one am sick and tired if lip service and maus wara. Time to get rid of the rubbish. Time to build Papua New Guinea to where it should be!

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