Who is the government in power in Papua New Guinea?

Who is the government in power?

Is it the National Alliance or has Prime Minister Michael Somare, abandoned by his own Ministers and family, sold out to Pangu Party and former Deputy Prime Minister, Chris Haiveta?

These are the scandalous revelations provided by a prominent government minister in a hard hitting interview.

Prime Minister Somare has lost the support of his Ministers and family

The Minister (who did not want his name revealed) claims NA insiders will confirm that Sir Michael is hell bent on staying in power and is paving the way to form a Pangu led Coalition  because  his own party won’t nominate him to be Prime Minister again.

Below is a transcript of the interview


“…the revolt by senior National Alliance men whether they’re governors or ministers is open knowledge [in NA]. His lack of support of his own NA ministers and his support of Pangu is open knowledge and he’s doing it. He’s openly doing this. So that can come out.  This should be brought to the attention of people. He’s openly supporting Pangu and his chief advisor is Haiveta… Chris Haiveta and everyone knows that.

“The Prime Minister does not have the support of many of his senior ministers.

“He’s not listening to the advice of his deputies and he’s doing whatever he pleases.  And the Prime minister is doing this for his own benefit. This is happening because he doesn’t believe that his own part will re-endorse him for another five years at the National [Alliance] convention in August.

“And his own family do not support him.  So he’s lost; he has lost the support of key elements within his own party.

“In his office he’s got Pangu party advisors. People like Chris Haiveta who are dictating to him what he should do.  Every member of NA… every parliamentary member of NA is concerned about it but nobody will talk out. The public have got to become aware of this.  So when Mekere talks about Kitchen Cabinet, it’s not a Kitchen Cabinet the cabinet is the Prime Ministers advisors and his ministers are having no say. And his ministers are more disenchanted by the day.  And now, what he’s doing is moving towards Pangu.

“You know it has come to the stage where I have to do it because the other don’t have the guts to do this and when other NA members see it, they will be very happy.

“[What will happen next] depends on the decision of the Supreme Court regarding the law on political party integrity. If the Supreme Court declares that is unconstitutional, you will see this government fall in a matter of weeks. The government is trying to find ways whereby they don’t have to abide by the ruling of the Supreme Court.

“The Prime Minster is of the opinion that the Supreme Court has got nothing to do with it, it depends on Parliament. But very few people will agree with that.  Failing that, I see even the congress, the National Congress is being held up in Banz. The people have to come from all over the country to go there and they won’t.  And he’s banking on not everyone being there. He’s playing a very, very dangerous game.

“He has put in a whole lot of political appointees and these appointees are his robots. They do whatever he wants them to do.

“I think there are regional deputies that won’t support him for another term.  You know, the regional deputies for Momase may not support him for another term. The regional deputy of the Southern Region, may not support him for another term the regional deputy of the Highlands may not support him. I would say two of the three if not three of the three won’t support him by the time August comes around.

“He’s got people like very highly respected people, people like Leo Dion. Peter Humphreys. People like that who are in open revolt. He has been told to change his ministers. He won’t do it because I think he’s promised so many people ministries that he’s got himself into a dilemma.

“All these secretaries that have been put in there are not working. And there’s massive, massive wastage in government, misappropriation, wastage and lack of policy implementation they don’t care about.

“The Prime Minster has walked out on us [National Alliance] and he’s keeping quiet and we all know about it and nobody’s talking about it.  So it’s got to be brought out into the open. He’s made serious commitments to Pangu and he’s paving the way to join Pangu and run Pangu.”


4 Responses to “Who is the government in power in Papua New Guinea?”

  1. Lohia Boe Samuel Says:

    Thanks for the great work you all are doing. This is greatly apprecaited.

    we must all take some action.!

  2. Kagl Gandai Says:

    With all due respect; where did all these bullshits come from? I have seen a couple floating around….mind you I for one have great respect for this old man no matter what. and i will still have respect for him until he goes to the grave. If it wasn’t for him at the time I don’t know if we will have a country of our own. i read and hear stories of how the aborogines are teated land down under. We were under Aussies control then so I don’t know what will happened to us then. I thank heaven there was a guy called Michael T Somare at that time….

    This old man is someone who commands great respect from our pacific neighbours as well as other countries that we have international relations with. Michael T Somare is synonym with Papua New Guinea. No other Prime Minister, past or future, will command such respect internationally as he does. No one was and will ever fit into his big shoes. Let him alone. He’s an old man. His days are numbered and he will die soon. By then the critics should have their days and prove their worth.

  3. Lidonahi Says:

    Michael T Somare is not a crook but he is surrounded by crooks. He is my Prime Minister period. Like Kagl said i do not think in my lifetime there will be any other persons rising from the current MPs that will match him.

    For those who think he is a crook change the constitution to allow us to vote for a president (instead of a Prime Minister) and you will see the true colours of Somare as he will definitely have no fear in sacking those close to him on Cabinet that are crooks.

  4. Natha Dingu Says:

    It is not a secret that Sir Michael Somare has strong ties with PANGU PATI. PANGU PATI was the political party that brought Papua New Guinea to independence with Sir Michael at the helm!
    While Bouganvilleans were calling for independence and the Papuans wanted a country of their own. PANGU PATI brought together what is known as PNG today.

    Now, Sir Michael knows this and has the uttermost respect for the party. Why wouldn’t he support it?

    I honestly think that all that this so called Minister is telling blatant lies! Why does he not go to the media and speak his mind and name out? Is he scared of something or is he trying to cook up stories that will only hurt the stabilty that this nation has seen for the past 10 years and the fruits that come with stabilty which include economic stabilty at a time when the world is facing an economic meltdown?

    Last point, families in PNG never desert each other!!

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