Transparency International slams government for lack of respect

TRANSPARENCY International PNG (TIPNG) has slammed the government for its lack of repect for the ordinary people of Papua New Guinea and its ‘don’t care’ attitude about missing public finances, in comments reported in The National.

TI has also highlighted how the government’s tolerance of wide spread corruption translates into the non delivery of services to the vast majority of the population and foreshadows how most of the proceeds from major new projects like LNG will likely be stolen.

Transparency International’s concerns have been fueled by the findings of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) which has documented the collapse of the Governments’ financial management systems and revealed a complete lack of accountability within the public service.

TIPNG chairman Peter Aitsi said: “It is very sad to learn from the PAC that from the 1,000 inquiries carried out by the PAC into the operations of various Government agencies, hospital boards, and trust accounts, most have not complied with lawful requirements. “The Government must wake up. The PAC has sounded the alarm and the National Executive Council (NEC) must address this situation as its highest priority. “We understand the various PAC reports have been sitting with the NEC gathering dust. “If this is true, then indeed this is a cause for national shame.”

He said it was totally unacceptable that the Government, particularly the NEC, turned a blind eye to the reports. “What does it tell our people when one of the highest decision-making bodies in our country allows public money to be mismanaged and stolen. “It creates doubts and the people are asking, don’t they care? Are they involved? “This state of affairs suggests the Government has no respect for the people it is sworn to serve and is certainly not serious about ensuring that proper procedures and regulations, particularly the Financial Management Act, are adhered to by all agencies in a transparent manner.”

Mr Aitsi said such lack of action by the Government continued to feed and encourage more unlawful practices, translating into non-delivery of goods and services to ordinary Papua New Guineans. The PAC reports and the statement issued must resonate with the key people in Government that we are heading on a dangerous path. In the words of the PAC member and Eastern Highlands Governor Malcolm Kela-Smith, the loss of public funds as a result of corruption could be as high as K3 billion kina.

“If these corrupt networks are able to steal K3 billion of public money within our current economic levels, how much more are they likely to steal when the revenue for the LNG start flowing if we do not take firm and decisive action to fix our Government systems?”


6 Responses to “Transparency International slams government for lack of respect”

  1. PNG will continue to experience such corruption because political coronies are continuously appointed to occupy government agencies, boards and Statutory organisation. The NEC hardly appointed qualified professionals with moral integrity to position. Corruption is deeply rooted in PNG and it will only take a boodshed revolution to change the course of PNG

  2. So very typical of a group of out and out thieves. The very few honest polititions find themselves treading the waters of time when they enter the House of Thieves. It basically means join us or get nothing for your electrete. We’ll buy our house in Australia cause we can. We’ll go abroad for BASIC health care cause we can. And we’ll line our big fat bellies with all the finer trappings of life cause we can. Half-witted and completely incompetent buai chewing morons, the lot of them.

    • Yes they are a bunch of morons – but surely we are the bigger morons, sitting watching them run off with the silver? Surely among us there are many who know a lot – where the houses are in Brisbane for example; who has got unaccounted millions in his bank account, who has just bought a fancy new 4WD. We need to start sharing this information and exposing the corruption – enough crying, time to act

  3. Another year and another whinge from TIPNG.

    Does anyone even care anymore to know what TIPNG thinks? Experience tells me that whinges and whines are simply like water off the back of the taro leaf. No amount of handsome commentaries and cries will stop corruption in PNG.

    There is only one way – ACTIVE ACTION AGAINST CORRUPTION. Design workable schemes, roll them out to the citizenry, get people (both natural persons and institutions) to sign up and action them.

    Time to name the devil by its name and bring the fight to its door steps!

  4. SarahNahidi Says:

    I support TIPNG’s sentiments and am concerned that there is lack of consensus and open debate in the media on these issues. Corruption is the primary cause of the problems we are experiencing in PNG. We not only need to generate awareness and discssion on this, but to follow up with action that is achievable and can contribute towards minimising the growing rate of corruption in PNG. I am running a program on establishing an anti-corruption agency in PNG. Yes, it is a long shot, with current Government, but if we can get a better Government in 2012 we might be able to push some of the initiatives we are attempting through. It is worth the effort, instead of ridiculing our anti-corruption peers lets join forces to tackle it. Doing something is better than doing nothing.

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