Southern Highlands torn apart by violence


One Response to “Southern Highlands torn apart by violence”

  1. Beverley.Mirou Says:

    I am a student at the university of Papua New Guinea and while reseaching for an assignment on corruption in PNG, i came across this short documentary. Many communities in our country are plagued with violence and it has become more harder to deal with the issue because people simply think of it as “normal” or as mentioned in the documentary, a way of life. I certainly do not think so and that is why education plays an important role. When people are educated, they’ll be able to think more rationally and will be able to use the power of reasoning to sort things out.However the most important education a person can recieve is that of the sayings of the bible. If people knew what the bible says and actually apply it in their lives, the world would be a better place! For example:Jesus Golden rule is found in the bible book of mathew says: Do to others what you want them to do to you!
    I know, there would be world peace if everyone applied this rule!

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