Bail for Chinese murder suspects a disgrace – but not a surprise

The ugly face of corruption and the power and influence of the Chinese mafia was clearly on display in Port Moresby on Friday as Magistrate Fred Tomo granted bail to two Chinese men accussed of the shooting and attempted murder of businessman Jason Tan on January 2nd this year.

The two Chinese, Chanjiang Gao and Xue Zhufu, were released on bail of just K2,000 each despite the facts of the case which include that neither man can speak English or Tok Pisin, one is unemployed, both were arrested close to the scene of the attempted murder, both were in the vehicle from the crime scene, and they were in possession of guns, one of which was unlicensed, black face masks and gloves and false number plates.

The two Chinese suspects have been released

Clearly it is highly likely that both men will now disappear from sight and it is very unlikely that either will ever appear in court again. No wonder the National newspaper reported they were “beaming with happiness and making thumbs up signs” when coming out of court.

Both Magistrate Fred Tomo, who granted the two men bail despite the overwhelming evidence against them, the flight risk and the seriousness of the charges; and the police investigating the case who apparently have done little to advance the prosecution over the last six weeks should be forced to explain themselves.

When Mr Tan was shot at on January 2nd and the two Chinese arrested, we all expected that the Chinese mafia would ensure that justice would NOT be done. Mr Tomo and the police it seems have proved us all correct.


9 Responses to “Bail for Chinese murder suspects a disgrace – but not a surprise”

  1. Our country has gone to the dogs! Corruption here is going to a detrimental level and is poisoning everyone in the society. We can’t let that slip past. I think we need a revolution.

  2. Is there anyone left in our justice system whom we can trust to administer justice impartially?

    These guys are attempted murderers and they pose a great danger to the community just like Kapris. Now, where is the logic in hunting down and locking up Kapris and other remandees while these guys are allowed to walk freely UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

    If there is any administrator of justice reading this, let me warn you that you yourself will face jungle justice on the streest once the common man has had enough of your antics. THE TIME WILL COME!!!

  3. How can the prime suspects of a MURDER case be allowed to walk? There are no other direct suspects, there was definately a shooting, there was a confirmed identity provided by the victim and a barrel of evidence that cannot be summed up as coincidental.

    Aren’t we living in a sovereign country where common law is the what governs our courts? The decision to release the suspects seems to me like a subjective decision which took no legal thought. I don’t know if background checks on the suspects were ever made…but I’m sure if someone did one, they would find clues to other people relating to this matter. The two suspects entered the country very recently, and judging by the timeline of the events, were brought here to do one thing, and one thing only.

    Is it a coincidence that there was a deposit slip for K40,000 found in one of the suspects pockets? Is it a coincidence that they had photographs of Jason Tan’s residence on their mobile phone? Is it a coincidence that they had booked and confirmed tickets leaving the country the VERY NEXT DAY? Is it a coincidence that there were weapons, and other items of incriminating nature found close to the crime scene? Is it a coincidence that while still in jail that the two only suspects, who may I remind you are NEW to PNG, have so many people supporting their release pleas? This is more than a handful of evidence, far from hearsay and is well beyond a reasonable doubt. Letting the suspects walk freely from the justice system, especially in a case as sensitive and extreme as this, should be a crime in itself.

    If PNG expects to grow as a country and develop some sort of organised culture, then the law has to be firm. Currently, PNG is facing a problem with Chinese nationals doing what they do. All of the hate emails being passed around for the past year or so have certainly escalated the issue, this case can be considered a pinnacle event. What is the point of letting the suspects walk? PNG’s lame attempt at apologising for all the wrong doings? I say reward the innocent, punish the guilty…but definately sort the two out before doing so.

    let’s see something happen with this case and not let it end up as one of PNG’s manner judicial jokes! Let’s make PNG a place decent people will want to visit. Let’s take PNG off that notorious “Worst Countries in the World” list

  4. The whole justice system in PNG is bloody corrupt.

    Judiciary, the so called ‘last bastion of democracy’ is no more. It is public secret on the streets that (in)justice can be easily purchased like fish at Koki market from the damn judges and magistrates.

    Time will come when the people will turn it all back up their backsides. I hope they are still around to get what they deserve when that happens.

  5. The whole corruption business in PNG rests with the current Prime Minister and his colleague group of advisers and NEC. The Prime Minister turns a blind and deaf ear on the problems affecting PNG. He is running PNG like a family business. We need a new vibrant PNG Prime Minister.

  6. we are little more than slave dog hookers in our own country. Our ”leaders” are our pimps…

    Papua new guinea, prepare to continue to take it up the ass. Your good at that, you sleeping dope !

    some hookers are cheep, some are easy, Papua new guinea you are cheep and easy….. ! At least the hooker walks away with some change, you walk away with a sore ass and a bad taste in your mouth… sucker !

  7. SarahNahidi Says:

    Instead of name-calling can we try to provide something constructive when replying to these reports. Yes, we are going to the dogs, yes, we are likened to whores for foreigners, but, what good will that do! As a PNGean, YOU take responsibility and write something to the Police, Justice Department, National Court, Law Society, TIPNG, Ombudsman, whatever. You can direct this to somone who can atleast read it and know that there are people out there who care and who will pursue this thing until something is done about it. The problem is that we don’t have enough power as people to alter Government, because we don’t chuck up enough of a stink to get their attention! The power rests with you! You are one of the 5, 999, 900 million people in PNG, againt the other 100 or so in power. You can make a difference. I am working on anti-corruption legislation and institutions what can you do with your skills, abilities besides name calling?

  8. nick wambare Says:

    Citizens of PNG need to wake up to our sleep and raise our voices against current corrupt government. We cannot continue to pretend to be a rich nation under the guise of current petroleum and mineral activity boom, including the billion dollar LNG project at the embryonic stage. It surely is evident rich are getting richer while poor majority are destined to be doomed only time will tell.
    PNG’s number one priority is to immediately replace the current government with some highly educated vibrant leaders with vision to propel this great nation forward. the next immediate task is to retrieve all that huge money parked into numerous truct accounts and reserves and revamp baics infrastructures and services in place. Only than can we be safe to survive before hell break loose possibly civil unrest by civilians against the government.

  9. If the justice system cannot be counted on to find those guilty with all the overwhelming evidence before hand ,and the prosecution (Police) being so incompetent in the presentation of the case then its time vigilante groups take justice into their own hands…We are sick of Foreigners getting off likely compare to a simple pick pocket who gets his face rearranged when caught over a snatch bag or purse ..Time for street justice to those who think that have it their own way putting them away for good..

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