Corruption in PNG police rampant says long serving cop


“Yes, there is corruption rampant within our police force,” says John Mombre. He is a longtime policeman and like many of his colleagues, they continue to uphold the integrity of the profession they were trained for.

“Many of us (policemen) allow our personal emotions to make decisions which in many instances are unnecessary. 
“We arrest someone with charges of obstruction of duty…just because he or she wants to state his or her reasons, what occurs does not define the whole scenario”.

Corruption is a global phenomenon that is eating away at the very fabric of our society. 
Literally every policeman must be challenged to shirk the “who cares” attitude and fight the menace of corruption the way individuals who have successfully done, goaded on as they were by the courage of their convictions to avoid taking things lying down.
“As we deal with major corruption we must avoid petty corruption. As the saying goes, to cook a big fish well you must know how to cook a small one.”

Mr Mombre went on to say that 99 per cent of policemen who breach traffic rules in PNG do not get arrested.
He said this was for mere traffic rules like putting on your seat belts and blinkers to show the direction you are turning. “Anyone else does it…gets arrested,” he said.

He said many charges for obstruction of police duty are completely irrelevant. “Look at the drunkard policemen with beers packed in their cars driving around…no one can imagine whether they can be arrested by another cop. 
“At the road blocks…many are out there performing honestly while a few are taking the road blocks as a chance to try their luck in getting a toea or two,” this officer said.
“In fear of being locked up…many decide to pull out a few notes which eventually works out well. This is corruption,” he said.


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