Chinese business owner shot and killed in Port Moresby


Even the heavy presence of police and warders over the weekend did not deter criminals from shooting a Chinese businessman at the Gordon industrial area in daylight on Saturday.

In an apparent attempted hold-up that did not work, the criminals shot Mr Zhang Chunliu, 36, when he had just closed his shop and was trying to drive home. Mr Liu as he is known was shot twice under his chest and the bullets penetrated his body and out the other end by criminals in a black jeep. He was rushed to the Port Moresby General hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

According to his relatives, there were three previous attempts to hold-up Mr Liu but all failed. Mr Liu owns Antai Ltd, which operates a wholesale and retail and is reported to have dealt with plenty of cash daily. News of the shooting spread like fire and in no time the accident and emergency ward car park was swamped with people, mainly Chinese nationals. Shocked friends and relatives could not hold back and shed tears openly in disbelief.

Mr Liu is survived by his wife and two young children who were born in Port Moresby. A moved president of the China-PNG Friendship Association (CPNGFA) Stanley Shi expressed disbelief that innocent Chinese were being targeted. “This (PNG) is our second motherland and we have done a lot to help communities in need and foster a good relationship but we do not understand why criminals should target us,” he said.

Deputy head of mission and Counsellor Zheng Kang of the Chinese Embassy condemned the violent killing and said the culprits should be rounded up and prosecuted. “He (Liu) was an honest businessman entitled to be protected by the law,” Mr Kang, who was at the hospital said. He said authorities must take pre-emptive measures to provide a safe environment for both Chinese and PNG citizens to live.

CPNGFA vice president Michael Lin said Chinese and PNG people must live and work together to help upgrade their livelihoods and become self sufficient. “Only when we live and co-operate together, can we learn from each other and impart what either group lacks,” he said.


2 Responses to “Chinese business owner shot and killed in Port Moresby”

  1. They can blame it on an armed robbery all they want, but we already know the truth….larim ol kong kong kilim ol yet………less for us to deal with when the time comes.

  2. Trupla PNGean Says:

    Deputy head of mission and Counsellor Zheng Kang of the Chinese Embassy, I got a question for you.
    Were you there and saw PNG criminals in that black jeep? Do you have evidence to proof it was PNG criminals who came to do the arm hold up?

    Am sure Mr. Liu had security cameras in their whole sale and retail outlet hence they will have footage of these criminals… you think?

    Half the chinese business house do no comply with the PNG laws hence it will be inevitable to find such setup….

    With the latest surfacing of Chinese Mafia in town, armed holdup will always be the cause of killings but yeah yeah yeah… the media will believe you but the truth is already out there….
    Like another brother said… KONG KONG kai kaim KONG KONG… wokim go….

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