Who will clean up our corrupt system?

By Peter Johnson

I notice that there has been a survey recently sent around by the Law and Justice sector asking businesses to comment on their main concerns with security and law enforcement. The trouble is – what will this achieve.

Just think for a minute. What if 70 per cent of the judiciary can be corrupted. Seventy per cent of the police force is corrupt. Seventy per cent of MPs are corrupt, 70 per cent of government organistions can be corrupted and 70 per cent of the public service can be corrupted. Is this theoretical? I don’t think so. But each to their own.

Do any of the above want to see any change ? No, they want the system to stay as is while they profit. They love advisers but they don’t want line or divisional managers changed. They do not want anyone coming on board who may change things.

This is part of the reason why AID programs of capacity building fail. Change is not wanted by corrupt people.

What does this mean for any person who attempts to clean up the system? It means anyone charged or targeted in a clean up effort, will have ample means to be protected by the rest of his corrupt cronies. Anyone who tries to take on these guys – by way of reporting or charging them will be threatened or assaulted. And the perpetrators know they have little to worry about because corruption is rife and exists at all levels.

The corrupt protect each other and ensure change never takes place. Any change effort is limited to debate and talk. Nothing real. The organisations and public servants who are supposed to stand for law and justice and fairness to Papua New Guineans are the same ones who ensure the status quo of endemic corruption , and violence when needed, remains.


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