Customs raid uncovers guns – but police look guilty

A successful PNG Customs operation in the Highlands has netted seven illegal firearms and 400 rounds of ammunition held by several prominent businessmen, according to Customs Commissioner Gary Juffa.

The weapons included an MP5 machine gun that was found in the possession of a ‘top Asian’. The machine gun was a police issue weapon and the businessman was also found to be in possession of a police beret and a police tear gas cannister.

Strangely though, despite the weapons being seized by the Customs team led by the Commissioner, none of the businessmen have been charged by police and the ‘top Asian’ has not even been named.

Customs insiders say these seizures are only the tip of the iceberg where foreign business men involved in people smuggling and other illegal activities are acting in collusion with corrupt police officers who supply them with police issue weapons and protection services.

Police Commissioner, Garry Baki, needs to come out and tell the people of PNG the name of the ‘top Asian’; explain how he came to be in possession of a police issue machine gun; and explain what action is being taken against everyone involved.

We should not forget that the police are PUBLIC servants. It is the PUBLIC they should be protecting and it is the police’s responsibility to be open and honest. Come on Mr Baki, tell us what is going on here – or do you condone the actions of the police in corruptly colluding with foreign businessmen and providing them with police weapons?

The customs operation also uncovered four illegal immigrants of Chinese descent who will now be deported – if proper procedures are followed .


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