Tan shooting – who let these men into PNG?

Changjiang Gao and Xue Zhufu have been charged with attempted murder

Changjiang Gao and Xue Zhufu, both from Fujan province in China, have been charged with the attempted murder of businessman Jason Tan in Port Moresby.

Neither man can speak English or tok pisin but police are not saying how the men came to be living in PNG.

Did these men have PNG passports? Did they have valid visas? Who issued their travel documents and when and where did they enter the country? Which officials were involved in allowing these men to be here? Who was the registered owner of one of the semi-automatic guns used in the attempted murder?

The public has the right to know the answers to these questions. If the police do not provide the answers then we will know the reason – corruption.


2 Responses to “Tan shooting – who let these men into PNG?”

  1. Mohammad Bashir Says:

    This is a good forum to discuss the obvious questions, most of which are already raised in the articles.
    I think the office of Immigrations and the Police Trans-national Crimes Unit need to answer a lot of these questions.
    Migration authorities are very diffuclty to talk to. They need to be shaken as a matter of priority. As Registrar of Firearms, the Police Commissioner needs to explain who owns the registered firearm used in the attempted murder.
    Is it true that the OB book at Boroko police station has gone missing. If so, how will police effectively prosecute the 2 Chinese suspects? Law enforcement agencies appear to be split and are not working in coeshion.

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