Chinese arrested for attempted murder – but who is to blame?

Two Chinese nationals have been arrested for the attempted murder of businessman Jasan Tan. Both men are from Fujan province. According to police, one was working in a nightclub the other was unemployed. Neither can speak any English or tok pisin.

Changjiang Gao, aged 36, and Xue Zhufo, 38, were in possession of two semi-automatic hand guns when they were arrested.

One of the handguns was a registered firearm but police have not revealed the identity of the owner.

Police have also not revealed how the two men came to be in PNG or how long they have been living here  – but the fact that one of them is reported to have been working in a nightclub suggests they are long-term residents and not temporary visitors.

Acting Assistant Police Commissioner, Awan Sete, has said the attempted murder confirms the existence of Asian triads operating in PNG and that criminals are being hired as assassins.

But it would be wrong of us to just blame this shocking crime on the Chinese triads.

How do these people get into PNG? How do they manage to remain here and operate their illegal businesses? How do they buy property and get access to guns?

It seems the answers are obvious – Chinese triads and gang members are living and operating in PNG because they bribe our politicians, our officials and the police.

Given this background of corruption can we really expect to see these two suspects tried in court and serving long prison sentences?

The fact that the police are already covering up key information – like who was the registered owner of one of the guns, who issued these men with their visas etc – means that a cynical public are already expecting the worst. How long will it be before these men are set free and who will be responsible?


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